Malware, proxy and smtp

I couldn’t find any info about glasswire range of detection.
My ISP has started to regulary block my internet connection after detecting spam email going through my newtork.
I don’t have any proxy/email server setup so it must be somehow related to a malware.
Would glasswire be able to track or inform me when a email come through the network? I only have this computer and apple devices connected so it must be my desktop that forward these emails somehow.

Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear that’s happened to you!

Here is a resource we wrote that might be able to help: 5 simple ways to check if an .exe file is safe.

I don’t need to know if an exe is a virus, I need to know if your product would catch smtp packets.

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I’m guessing you don’t have a hard router on your desk for your PC?

Sorry for any confusion. In your original post you mentioned “malware” so I thought my recommendations might help you.

Yes, GlassWire should show smtp traffic. Please look under traffic types under the graph.