Malware Scare Good Advice Welcome

Hi yesterday I tried to download a Toshiba driver A zip file was downloaded and when clicked nothing happened however the file was removed from downloads list in chrome and could not be located in my downloads folder. I ran Trojan killer and removed one offending piece of malware from a system file scan.

I am quite alarmed that I had installed something dangerous as I am normally very careful. I do not want to reboot my system if I can help it as I have so many programs and data to recover.

That’s the background info.

My journey lead me to download Glass Wire to look at any suspect outgoing traffic. Under usage in the hosts column there seems to be so many threads. Most at the top look ok. However there are 951 more at present. If I click on the more list there are some rogue looking countries coming up.

Most seem to be associated with Utorrent but having exited the program it looks like they are still running. I was wondering if experienced users could give me an idea if this is normal and suggest the best way to do further scans and which programs to use.

It would be quite a big job to recover my whole system but if thats is the only course of action then so be it.

Maybe consider uninstalling Utorrent completely, then reboot and see if you still have anything strange going on. What antivirus are you using? Maybe try scanning after an antivirus update.

Hi Ken

Thanks I will try that. Under apps in the usage tab, if I click on system it says there are 424 hosts and the flags are China, Russia and so on. I am very alarmed by this. I am using AVG Internet Security Paid version. I just ran malware bytes and that removed some threats but your software is till showing all this hosts.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Ken

Utorrent is now gone and I still see the Utorrent Icons under Usage/Hosts and under Apps there are still over 500 hosts connected. I am not sure what to do next.

If it was me I’d reformat, but without more details it’s hard to know what to do. Maybe check this

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I guess you might have this sorted by now but when i read it i was reminded of this post
What is "System", and can you provide more detail?. Without the last . after 704. Basically what this guy said. XeidiDent

Before you think of reformat or re-installation questions have to be asked that are standard to malware infestation= Does your PC now run slow on boot-up-does it take a while for programs to display from clicking them -does your protection programs stop working or are blocked from starting -are you having trouble accessing the internet-are you blocked from Windows programs that you have permissions for -and so on . If not then it is possible to remove the malware that you are complaining about . I have plenty of experience of attacks as I speak the truth and "authorities " dont like that . If you can transfer your data to an external drive re-installation isnt as bad as you think, it just takes several hours of work