Managing License


Hi all.
I just bought a license from steam… Elite.
I wanted to know … it is written that it is for 10 computers or devices at the same time.
How do I manage it?
Is there an account that show mew for how many computers have I installed it?
What happens if I want to reset the use of licenses and anyone who has the license installed will be deactivate?
i bought it on steam on the assumption that it is a lifetime license.
Where do I see if this is lifetime or not … I will be happy to get help.

Thank you.


All your license and activation questions are answered by using the email address at

FYI, there is no license management system accessible by users. This issue was recently discussed in the following topic:


Hey, gald to have answer about the sec q…

  1. i bought it on steam on the assumption that it is a lifetime license… its lifetime?
  2. how can i contriol the number of installs and uninstalls?

thank you


Go to the top left menu and choose “deactivate” to deactivate a license. It will then no longer be counted as one of your 10. If you accidentally forget to deactivate or lose a PC due to a crash you can email us and we’ll reset your code.

Steam licenses work within the Steam rules if you use Steam software, so you should probably never have any licensing issues.

If you use a Steam license with our GlassWire 2.0 software and have issues please email us so I can help.


The fact that you guys refuse to answer basic questions about licenses for public view… is,…wretchid.

I would pay for a lifetime license and then buy new versions that have new features. I will never pay a subscription for this.


i thinking same,
but as a manager for 3-4 company… i dont afraid to buy… if i see that the company is playing with customers… that it… the founder, co-founder, business manager, the brand and every person that related to the act will be banned from any current and future purchase for life and this will be in any decision I make and in any consultation i will give

That’s the sanction I’ve been using for 10 years.
In my list, there are 20-30 such companies
they can make about 30-40 USD from me but their loss will be raised to 10000-30000 USD

today marketing is not like in the day’s of NO INFO NO SANCTIONS!