[MASSIVE MEMORY USAGE] 1,5 GB of RAM & 100% disk

Hi there, I was downloading a game overnight and my computer in the morning was so slow that I wasnt able to use the mouse, I’ve tried opening the task manager and on the very top i see a glasswire proces stealing 1,1 Gb of RAM & 100% disk, are you guys kidding me ???

@Sinister_Chill I see Utorrent on your desktop. GlassWire has to keep track of the thousands of simultaneous IP addresses your PC is connecting to with Bittorrent, so it will use more ram and resources. To avoid this switch to Incognito mode at our top left menu when using Bittorrent.

Go to your settings and clear your history to reduce your memory/ram.

Well yes I have utorrent who doesnt ? I was downloading Armored Warfare from the My com app, so understanding your meaning if i have a server connected to a workstation (Windows Server 2016) and I have Glasswire installed on my Windows server, the multiple amount of data and IP adresses that flow through my server is the possibilty that RAM usage and Disk usage will be higher ? Im sorry but this app useless even for free if I’m downloading a game through one download client and your program is monitorizing it with 1.1 GB and 100% Disk usage ? You guys should work on optimization, When glasswire was monitoring my netowork i barly could use my computer, and my computer has a 7200 rpm HDD drive 8GB of RAM i3-4170 Procesor and GTX 960 + i freshly installed Windows on my machine.

Many people never torrent.

Even though you are using one download client, torrenting creates hundreds, thousands and even ten thousands of connections/peers. Your client app should have a setting that allows you to limit the number of peers so that GlassWire only has to monitor a much smaller number of connections.