Massive Memory Use

I’m running the 1.1.27b version (free) and have consistently noticed massive memory use. Enough that Windows warns me and tells me to shut down Glasswire.

Checking Task Manager, I see a total memory use upwards of 1.2 GB (application ~500MB, service ~700MB) after running it for about a week. If I shut down and restart it, the memory use remains the same.

The only thing that helps is to clear my history (I keep the last day) and shut down both the application and the service. After doing that and restarting, my memory use is 266MB for the application and 25MB for the service, but I know it’ll creep up after a few days. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and even tried earlier versions to no avail. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to disable the history or limit it to 24 hours? I feel the history must be causing it. That’s a shame, because the history is a really great feature and one of the few reasons to upgrade.

Thanks for your report. We’re in the middle of completely rewriting GlassWire to permanently solve this problem. The problem seems to be the worse for Bittorrent users, or users who use apps that have a lot of simultaneous network connections.

Hopefully we can get the update out this month or early next month. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks, Ken. I look forward to the update.