Measure usage per-profile?

When I look at the Usage Tab, GW shows me my total usage during the chosen time period.

It would be helpful to me to view usage according to which profile was active when the traffic happened. I use a “strict” profile in GW to clamp down while I’m tethered to a mobile dataplan, but also a “relaxed” profile while connected to unmetered WiFi networks – that’s when I do major downloads and uploads. When I look at usage for a single day, I get get useful insight, but if I view it for a month the WiFi traffic dominates everything else. This makes it hard to evaluate my long-term data use under the “strict” profile, which is the one I really want to watch.

Is this possible with GW today?


Thanks for your feedback on making GlassWire count data per-profile. Currently we can’t do that.

Thanks, just wasn’t sure if i had overlooked it! I’ve managed to overlook several other great features of GW so thought maybe this was already in there too : )

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