Mic and camera alerts not working

My Glasswire is not throwing alerts for camera and usage. I have an active Glasswire basic subscription.
I have a Dell XPS 9560, Win10.
See videos of the problem reproduced:




This feature only works with network activated applications, for example if you go to this web page https://www.onlinemictest.com/ please test with your Mic and see if you still have the problem.

For the webcam, what version of Windows 10 are you using? Have you run all Windows updates? We will test and try to recreate this with Skype.

Hey - I’m not getting alerts for onlinemictest, nor for Windows Camera app ie… it seems that this feature is completely broken on my instance. This was working originally but then stopped working for some reason. I’ll do a clean reinstall and see if it helps. Yes, my Windows is fully up to date.


Please email us https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ for a beta we can share that should fix this with your OS version. A Windows Update recently changed something, sorry for the problem.

The update will be released to the public soon.


We fixed this problem and our update with the fix will be out probably early next week.

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I have the exact same problem

would be great to get the update soon :).


It will be out by Friday.

Reproduced with 1.2.109 - clean reinstall - still not getting mic/camera alerts


Sorry for the problem. When you did the clean reinstall I assume you made sure to switch the webcam/mic setting on? The clean install has it off by default I think.

I will ask our dev team to investigate with your OS version. Thanks for your patience.

I did. I was getting microphone alerts for Skype yesterday but not anymore. Weird.


Lately Microsoft has been changing some things with Mic/Webcam detection and it has caused us some problems. The team discussed the problem and they had two theories:

  1. You should use Windows Update to update your PC to the latest version, then reboot and see if it solves the problem.

  2. Perhaps Microsoft released yet another update with yet another change to the Mic/Webcam detection parts we use and it’s broken again…

I’m hoping it’s #1. Please try updating and let us know your results. Our team and our quality assurance tester was able to make the Webcam/Mic detection work with the most up to date versions of Windows 10 when we launched this update.