Microphone Notifications not popping up or logged anymore

As of May 24th, I am not getting any notifications/logs for Microphone being used/activated. I have disabled/enabled the option within the settings but that didn’t seem to work. Any idea why?

What OS version are you using? Go to your GlassWire settings to make sure these features are turned on just in case. Sorry for the problem.

I’m Using Windows 10 64Bit. I have attached a screenshot of the settings next to the log.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I really love your software :slight_smile:


Does the camera notification work for you and just not the mic one? https://www.onlinemictest.com/ - does it work here?

GlassWire only shows you apps that use the network, so if the app is not network related GlassWire will not detect it.

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I tried the website you provided, enabled my mic, and gave it permission to use it, saw the line jump around to my voice, and still nothing. This is actually happening on both of my windows 10 machines now…

Also, you can see in the screenshot above that the Blizzard App, which I use to play Overwatch an VOIP with my friends, used to trigger the alert all the time, and it doesn’t anymore.

Thanks. We will investigate and see if we can reproduce.

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Any news on this issue?

It seems Windows changed something on a recent update for some versions. Lots of webcam/mic related software has this problem now. We are working on a fix.

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Thanks for the update!