Mini graph for app

How can I enable mini graph for specific app? I only see the “Local” graph (total traffic) at the bottom of the screen. Version: 1.1.15b

We made the mini graph to be a very simple overall graph of all network activity. If you want to see more detailed network information, for example bandwidth per app you should open the entire GlassWire application.

I do have a work-around idea if you want to monitor only one app with the mini graph, but it may not be optimal for your situation.

You could go to the “Graph” tab then click the app names you don’t want to see in the graph and choose “hide app” then only leave the single app that you want to monitor as not hidden. Then the full graph should only show the bandwidth from one app.

We did not consider that someone may want to monitor single apps with the mini graph and I’ll forward your feedback to our dev team. Maybe we can add this functionality in the future.

hi. do you have news on that feature?
it was something promoted in your “buy it” page and something i was really interested.

Sorry, we still haven’t added this functionality to the mini graph, but in the big graph go to the graph tab, then click “apps” to see a list of all apps.

Is there any chance you could implement an option to only show specific servers in the mini graph? I am monitoring other servers which makes the mini graph quite large, and I really only want to see my own machine/some select servers in the mini graph. Even disconnected servers take up space, as the bar stays but will be empty.

Edit: To clarify, I am looking for a GlassWire replacement for the old software NetSpeedMonitor, or something along those lines. But the “mini” graph is just too bulky when it shows all servers in there. Maybe it’d be an improvement if just the background could be transparent, but the graph itself be clearly visible?

Edit2: For example, the absolute minimum size for the mini graph is just a little bit too large for the windows taskbar, so it doesn’t fit on there.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will look at adding this feature in the future.