Mini Viewer Keyboard Shortcut?

Hi Glasswire, I love the software, and I especially love the mini viewer feature. I know I can change the settings of the mini viewer to always be on top of other windows, or not. I prefer to keep it always on top, except for when I am watching a video or gaming. It would be great if a keyboard shortcut could be added in a future update to toggle the mini viewer on and off (maybe this could be a feature unlocked for license holders). Anyway well done on the software, it’s a must have piece of software for me due to its simplicity and visuals.

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Good idea. Thank you for your feedback.


Can you add 2 global shortctus =

  • one for show Mini View (ON/OFF)
  • one for show Main Window (ON/OFF)

thanks for your exellent work on GlassWire

Best Regards

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Thanks for your feedback on global shortcuts.