Mini Viewer Network Traffic in Numbers

Hello, I bought Glaswire Basic I found it a HUGE dissapointment that the Mini Viewer dosent show the current Speed whit numbers on the graph. For instance like in DU Meter 7. Where the Network or External Speed(Internet) is shown in numbers, Updated in every secound or less. In Upload and Download kbits/s ore kbytes/s

Youre software is the best on the market. Very beautiful in desing and very Usefull in knowing what Programm is connected to the Internet. Who needs Virus scanners ;).

Pls consider to make this small update in on of youre next releases. Right now Glaswire is for me like an artwork whit a a missing touch to it.

It’s interesting you posted this because our team is currently working on improvements on the Mini Viewer and we want to add the type of functionality you’re requesting. The upgrade will be free for you.