Mini Viewer position and size

Is there a possibility for GlassWire to remember the last position and size of the Mini Viewer? If there is, please tell me as I cannot find it anywhere. If not, will you consider this a feature request?

Thanks in advance!

For me GlassWire always remembers the last mini viewer position and size. I will report this problem and see if our dev team has an idea why this is happening for you.

Please remove client.conf at C:\Users\yourusername\appdata\Local\GlassWire\client and see if that solves it.

Unfortunately, this did not do the trick. I hope you and/or your dev tream can make another suggestion.

We have never seen this before but we’ll keep trying to recreate this with our QA team.

If you don’t need to keep a record of your data perhaps a clean install might fix it. First go to the top left GlassWire menu and deactivate your paid version, then go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.

Next remove\rename the C:\programdata\glasswire folder, then reboot, then reinstall, then re-activate your paid version by using your order email.

No ,this one did not do it as well. When you try to recreate it, try logged in as a ‘real’ administrator; not a user that is administrator by default but one that is admin after the “net user Administrator /active:yes” command. Perhaps this can push you into the right direction.

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Please email our helpdesk with a link to this thread and I have an updated version that will help us find this bug. Thanks for reporting this.