Minigraph location and size not remembered after restart

  1. I have multiple monitors. If I move and resize the mini-graph and then restart GlassWire, my changes aren’t saved.
  2. On the firewall screen, the “+15 more” drill down is just a tiny, non-resizeable scroll box. An expand/collapse setup would be better IMHO.
  3. I’d love to see a bit more basic information on the Network Screen. Bandwidth utilization for example. Nothing that would require a jump past “Basic”. Just something so it’s not so sparse.
  4. The Alerts screen could be adjusted to be much more information dense (perhaps a large view and a list view?). As it stands, only a few alerts fit on the screen, and there is a huge amount of wasted white space.

Ramble over.


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Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let us know what version you are using. We had a similar report before, but we thought it was fixed in our most recent update. To fix the issue you could try a new install with our “clean” install option, but it will delete your settings and graph data.

Thanks for your feedback on the other items.

1.2.2068b. It’s a Steam install, so I assume it’s kept current with the latest release.


@Al_Hunt Thanks for reporting this. Yes, Steam should be totally up to date.

I’ll discuss with our team and see if we can recreate and fix this. I remember this coming up before and I thought it was fixed, but perhaps the bug re-appeared in Steam somehow.

Do you get this problem every time or time to time?

Every time - but I only tried setting it and restarting the program four or five times. I couldn’t get it to work, so I just don’t use the feature at all.


Do you have any problem with save main window position?

No. It seems to remember that.

Thank you for information!

We’re working on recreating this so we can fix it in our next update.