Minor Forum Issue

I’m not sure that this can be fixed or whether you at Glasswire want to fix it. Your Forum is so private that a url pointing to a specific post gets an error from the Glasswire Forum saying “.The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”

I pasted this url ( https://forum.glasswire.com/t/minor-bug-in-glasswire-client-display/1738n ) in an email to Glasswire development and it got that failure. It also will not work as an entry to the search field that is inside of Glasswire Forum.

If you try that url above in this post, it should work because you are inside the forum, but if you paste it outside like in an email, it will fail.

That’s weird. I tried pasting in other forum URLs and I could not recreate this error. I guess it’s a bug with Discourse, our forum software. Maybe they’ll fix it in the next update.

actually no bug, there’s just an n at the end that somehow got there.
remove that and you’ll be fine.