Minor Issue: Network Tab

In general, I’m waiting for the coming major Glasswire update before providing more feedback on the Network display, but in this case the input may apply either way.

Recently, when I click on Network after having recently restarted Glasswire, the first item listed is always my router ( This usually appears as “routerlogin.net” (standard url for Netgear routers). I understand that url, but would prefer to see it as “Netgear router” or (better) “Netgear R7000” just for clarity. But that’s not the current issue. Lately that name has been appearing first as “Readyshare” which is Netgear’s name for directly attached (USB) storage on the router. After a few minutes, it appears that It changes to the usual “routerlogin.net” and stay that way.

So when Glasswire accesses a device, it is apparently picking up a product name (in other cases, this may be the computer manufacturer but is often shown as “unknown”) and somehow for my router is getting a trademark name and eventually shifts to a url identifier.

Clearly, the name should be the “computername” or other name identifier for the device.

We are working on a feature we call “label” that allows you to label the device with any name you want. Hopefully this update will be out soon!

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Great. Good to know, thanks. It’s fascinating to watch Glasswire develop.