Missing traffic - incorrect traffic numbers

Perhaps I’m trying to do something too “extreme” with Glasswire, but I thought I would use it to monitor my household traffic to keep my kids out of trouble and avoid my ISP cap charges. I configured a 2-nic Windows 2012 Server in router mode, with all traffic entering one interface on the server and going out the other interface. I have routing working perfectly, with traceroutes showing hops through the “server-router”. I installed Glasswire on the server and was excited to see all the traffic.

However, I noticed pretty quickly that the amount of traffic it was reporting was not a reflection of the amount of traffic I was using. As a test, I downloaded a several-gig file from the internet to my computer. Glasswire only reported 10’s of MB of total traffic during this time period. I thought maybe there was some reporting lag or something, but even later, with an expanded time period, it still only showed minimal bandwidth usage.

My route has absolutely no choice but to go through the server with Glasswire installed. So, does Glasswire only monitor certain traffic types? Does it stop monitoring if there is too much traffic? Do I need to bind it to a particular interface somehow?

It would be crazy cool if I could make this work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Under what screen did you test the data usage? Was it under the “Usage” screen? If so please go to the pull down menu on the top left side and see what traffic types are chosen there. Was local and external checked along with incoming and outgoing?

If you go to the Windows task manager and check “Ethernet” does it show the traffic, or no? If not then maybe the network is not configured correctly.

We did not intend GlassWire to work the way you are trying to make it work, but I think it should be possible to make it work this way. We hope to add an easier way to monitor the entire network in the future.

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Yes, under Usage, and I did select internal and external along with incoming and outgoing. I bought Glasswire Pro via Steam in the fall and it’s been recording accurate results on my PC. When I added the “Routing and Remote Access” role to the Windows server, it created a curious extra interface. I had named the two physical interfaces “Incoming” and “Outgoing”. But once the role was added I had Incoming, Outgoing, Localhost, and “Internal”. Not sure what that “Internal” interface was all about, and I couldn’t do anything with it (it was in the Role settings, and not listed in the normal Interface area). So Glasswire might have bound to localhost and “Internal” which might explain what I saw.

If you offer a way to manually bind to an interface, even if it’s a registry edit, I’d love to try it again. I think it would be pretty slick.


We plan to allow users to choose between different network interfaces in the future. Maybe that would solve the problem? Meanwhile we will continue to work on a full network monitoring system.

I’m connected via the same network connection: WIFI. I downloaded a 600 mb file and my router is currently at 1600 (other devices probably) but glasswire still at 200MB!!!

I’ve already checked the traffic filters as recommend to Jeff.


Did you download the file from the device GlassWire is installed on? GlassWire can only see the traffic of the device it’s installed on.

Yes. I used the Same PC


Has GlassWire been running on your PC the entire time your router was counting? GlassWire can only see the data during the time it was installed on the PC. Perhaps our driver crashed somehow? Did you notice the GlassWire icon in the notification area turn grey on your PC at some point?

Sorry for the problem.

Hello @Ken_GlassWire

My Glasswire is always running


Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop by chance?