Monitor Internet Outages and Report on how long the disconnection was there

Does your software monitor and report on internet outages? I am looking for some software that can monitor internet traffic, see when there was an interruption to the connection and how long that interruption lasted for and when service was returned to normal. Does your software do this? if not can you add this feature to your software?

Thank you.


GlassWire is able to tell you if your Internet access was disconnected or reconnected. We turn this off by default because some people with laptops who use WiFi and move around to different access points throughout the day would probably find these alerts annoying.

However, if you’re using a desktop PC and if you want to see your Internet access was disconnected or reconnected you may find this setting useful. Please go to the top left GlassWire menu then choose “settings” then choose the option shown below. Thanks!

You can also look at GlassWire’s graph and see when there was no network activity. Just use the bottom sliders and the date options to find any downtime.

@Ken_GlassWire, there are some issues with using GlassWire for the purpose of monitoring an Internet connection.

  1. GlassWire can only tell me when the Internet connection is lost for my computer. It would be useful for GlassWire to determine whether that is due to the monitored computer losing the connection or the connection being lost for some reason external to the monitored computer.

  2. GlassWire alerts me when the Internet connection is lost but doesn’t tell me when the connection comes back. I don’t remember seeing it all last year year despite your comment a year ago about re-adding that alert:

  1. The idle time alerts are useful for seeing what I am doing with the computer but they don’t indicate what Windows is doing. This issue also relates to the topic linked to above - so @richlife69 may have some comments on this too. In my case, GlassWire alerts me that at 4.40am the Internet connection stops. I can see what happened by checking the Windows Security event log and the System event log. The Internet connection is lost because Windows runs the time sychronisation service for 10 seconds from 4:40:24. It would be useful to know a bit more from GlassWire in these sorts of situations, like why the computer has come out of sleep.

  2. GlassWire doesn’t tell me which network connection has stopped access to the Internet or which new network connection takes over. It would be usefull to know which of my three network adapters is being used: laptop WiFi, laptop cable and dock cable. In the example above, Windows uses the Wireless adapter in the laptop. When I am working on the laptop it is using the network adapter in the dock. It would be useful to know this.

  3. The quality of the information I get from GlassWire is affected by the power states on my computer which is in turn affected by whether it runs on battery and whether I’ve configured it to automatically put any of my network adapters to sleep. The Windows default for a wireless adapter in a laptop is usually to Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. That can contribute to performance issues and it would be useful to know when such automatic power saving is configured or operating.


That’s true, GlassWire isn’t specifically made to check for an entire network outage but in some cases it can tell you if your network activity was lost.

One trick you could try is to use some kind of service or stream to another server that you know will constantly load throughout the day, then check for this connection on GlassWire’s graph. If the connection went down and there was no network activity for awhile perhaps your network was down. Maybe you could stream an Internet radio station or something like that.

This technique isn’t perfect though of course.

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For quite a while I’ve been mildly dissatisfied with the current alert for losing the Internet connection. To see what has actually happened I have to do the groundwork myself using Windows event logs and the like. Now you are suggesting that I should do more manual work. There has to be a better way!

GlassWire could automate such features and save us users a lot of effort. :tada:

I wouldn’t want such features to be a high development priority but I don’t want the suggestions forgotten either.

while it gives you a time the internet went down it does not give you a time when it came back online… really seems like only half the information :frowning: hoping you can add at the very least a time stamp item for “internet connected” to close loop on when the internet came back up…

The reason we didn’t spend a lot of time on this is because we used to have this alert on by default, but so many people use Laptops and move them to so many different access points these days the alerts were annoying everyone. The users complained and wanted these alerts off so we turned them off by default.

Until this thread nobody has ever wanted this feature at all, so we have never gone back to it.

Also, for myself personally I never used this feature because today it seems rare for the Internet to have outages for most people. When the Internet does have outages it’s a big problem and people usually spend a lot of time solving it.

Also the outage could be unrelated to the user’s home setup so it would be difficult or impossible for GlassWire to see what’s happening upstream.

This is my opinion though, I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

I can certainly understand what you’re saying and can agree when your internet is stable or you’re working with a laptop this feature can be unimportant or provide false positives.

Knowing not only when an internet connection went down but when it came back can help you work with techs on the phone with your ISP to allow them to include these notes to technicians so they can check their logs / maintenance schedules to see if these outages and time returned align.

going back to the screenshot you provided up above we’re not getting the stated features as described by the selection.

It states we will get notifications on Disconnect AND Reconnect… currently I am only seeing the disconnect notification and no reconnect notification.


What kind of connection do you have and how is it disconnecting/reconnecting exactly? That will help me understand why you aren’t receiving the alert.

Sorry for the problem. We’ll discuss this with our team and see how we can improve it in the future.

A year ago I would have said much the same. :grinning: Since then I’ve had to do so many troubleshooting exercises that I realise there could be a significant benefit to me if GlassWire automatically did more alerting and diagnosis for those alerts. Then I would only have to check my GlassWire alert log to see if anything is wrong with my computer.

One type of scenario is that my son will shout from his room “Is there a problem with the Internet connection?” or “Is our Internet connection down?”. My first action could be to check my GlassWire log if it provided more information. At present I usually start by checking the connection icons in the notification area and select Open Network and Sharing Centre or Troubleshoot problems to find out more.

Another scenario is that I see that GlassWire logged that Internet access changed overnight so I go to the Windows event logs to find out why - I mentioned that in a post above. It would be much easier if GlassWire told me that the connection went down because Windows was doing something.

As I said in my other posts, GlassWire can automate the process of determining whether the issue is local (to the monitored computer) or is likely to be upstream somewhere. For example, GlassWire can detect if there is a connection to the Internet gateway, the DHCP server and the DNS servers:

GlassWire could save me the time it takes to navigate to that dialog box and check it myself. GlassWire would also log any incidents which will give me a record that I can refer to if problems keep recurring.

GlassWire on the local computer can determine a lot more than is currently used. Including the following:

  • alerts for changes to the network adapter(s) currently in use and whether they are connected to a LAN or WLAN
  • alerts for changes in the computer power saving states such as sleep and hibernation.
  • possibly alerts for when power switches between battery and mains
  • alerts for network adapters being put to sleep or disabled
  • alerts for whether there is Internet traffic

I think that us users are a big part of the issue here. :disappointed: GlassWire has the necessary settings to stop specific alerts bothering us. Perhaps we need more education in the finer points of configuring alerts; a GlassWire blog could help here.

Embarrassingly enough, I was even going to suggest that GlassWire have a setting for each alert to keep logging it but not produce a desktop notification … until I remembered that there is such an option for each alert: Show desktop notification. :blush:

I hadn’t used it because I’d unchecked Settings | Client | Enable tray notifications to prevent notifications during full-screen PowerPoint presentations.

I’ve now reverted to specifying what I wanted for each type of alert. For example, I want to know about my internet connection immediately so I leave Show desktop notification checked

But I don’t want notifications for application changes so I unchecked Show desktop notification

hi ken

the connection i have is Cable internet.

I have my ISP’s router going to a 16 port gigabit switch

i am mainly looking to monitor when the isp is interrupting my network for maintenance or for other outages. knowing how long it was down for is of importance as uptime is extremely important to my business.


So your computer is connected with WiFi through the router, or Ethernet? I use Ethernet currently so maybe that’s why it works differently for me.

Thanks for that detailed info @Remah. I now understand how GlassWire could be very useful with this type of situation.

My computer is wired to the 16 port switch

It properly detected the ISP router going off line but did not report when the Internet was restored.

@oneguy Does it show no notifications for you on the desktop, or did it show no notifications at all when the Internet connection was reconnected? I ask because there is a setting to disable desktop notifications, so maybe that could be on but I doubt that’s the issue.

I guess GlassWire can detect the disconnect but it’s harder to detect a reconnect, but I’ll ask our team to see if they can recreate this.

here is a picture of the outage being shown… my internet access was restored in less than 5 minutes but there is not statement of it returning.

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