Monitoring Home Network Usage with Kids

Novice here and would appreciate some advice. Considering GlassWire to monitor home usage. We live in a rural area and internet options are limited. Currently using Exede with a 150GB plan and usage seems excessive so want to try and monitor it to audit their accuracy and for excessive usage, etc. We have 3 kids and all the assorted devices, XBOX (2), Wii, 3 iPhones, 1 Samsung phone, 2 laptops, 1 pad, 2 “smart” TVs, wireless thermostat…according to our internet provider, we are downloading about 4 - 5gb per day, even when most of the phones and the ipad are disconnected from the internet… Will GlassWire give me what I need to monitor usage by device in real time?

GlassWire can tell you what devices are on your network, but it can only monitor the devices it’s installed on. The GlassWire software can only run on Windows PCs currently.

To monitor the entire network you need something monitoring your router.

We probably could use both. Anyone have suggestions on how to monitor the router?

There are two issues which both depend on the capabilities of your router:

  1. Monitoring bandwidth - knowing how your bandwidth is being used.
  2. Managing bandwidth - being able to manage bandwidth to keep your usage below your plan limit to avoid charges for exceeding your limit.

What make and model of router are you using?
The instructions vary depending upon the router software that is being used.

Do you know the admin account name and password that are needed to manage the router?
Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the routers and some manage the router so they lockout end-users from accessing the router features. Or they can provide a limited user account which is unable to access the advanced settings you will need.

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Use one of these softwares:
1, PRTG, Net Flow,
2. Op-Manager Net Flow,
3. Spacework

some routers can monitor the outlet ports by themselves, check the manual of your device unless you are using Linux you can download free and simple software to sniff an IP address

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