More Translation

Hello, I want to know if we can help in translating glasswire.


Thank you for your offer. What language/s?

Hello, in french.


Thank you. Once we have the strings available I will contact you via email if that’s OK.

Hello, ok :-].


And I would like to help translate into Brazilian Portuguese :wink:

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Thanks for your offer. I will contact you when we get closer to a translated version.

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I can translate into Russian

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Thank you for offering. One of our team speaks Russian so I think we will probably do a Russian translation soon.

Hi there, thank you for this wonderfull product :). I can help you with Spanish, Catalan and Romanian.

Great! Thanks for your offer!

I’d be happy to do a German translation, if you need one.

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Thanks again. We are working on a version that we can translate and it’s one of our top priorities!

I can translate into Turkish.

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Thanks for your offer! We may add Turkish in the future and I may contact you at that time. Thanks!

Hi! I would like to help translating into Spanish and Catalan! :smiley:

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Thanks for your offer!

Eu já tinha me oferecido também =)

Hi! I would like to help translating into Czech!

Thanks! Once we have the most up to date text strings we will contact you. We may wait until leaving beta before adding Czech.