More Translation


Thanks. We will get it fixed.


Hi @Ken_GlassWire,

Made an account to offer my services for a Dutch translation of GlassWire. A piece of software like GlassWire deserves to be usable by anyone, and especially older generations have difficulty with English (and computers). It would be great if I could contribute.




Thanks! We’ll probably get in touch once our 2.0 version is out with all new text strings.


@Ken_GlassWire: I didn’t get any touch yet about the translation into Dutch I offered on march 16 2016.
Yet version 2 is in use for some time now.
Still willing to do the translation.
Still interested?



Thanks Merlin! I’ll ask the team for our latest text files. Sorry for the delay. Some of our guys are out due to the summer.


Would love to help translate GlassWire to Hebrew as well :ok_hand::grinning:


Thanks everyone for your offers!

We hope to post a public translation file at some point with instructions. Then we can add a lot more languages due to you guys supporting us.

Thank you!


In Slovenian. I have GlassWire Elite 2.0.123 translated an tested in finished sl_sl.qm file. If You need it please, send me your e-mail for sending attached file.
Best regards


That is very generous, thank you.


Please, send Me e-mail address where I can send you attached sl_sl.qm file. Here I can send only graphich files.
Best regards,


I just got your email and replied, please check.


Thanks for your quick answer. I send you now My reply.
Don’t worry, Be happy :slight_smile:

With respect,


In any case, it would be more user-friendly to have a loaded language package that it uses (as map users only for those countries or portions of countries currently used eg Sygic navigation).

With respect,


Ken, I was born in Sweden but went to college for 4 years in the US so I am fluent in both languages. I would be more than happy to help out translating anything to Swedish, pro bono.

Thanks for an awesome product!


Thanks for your offer!

We are working on a big update, so I may get in touch after that. Also I need to see how many Swedish users we have.


Of course, that makes perfect sense.