More user-friendly way of Monitoring host activity

I would like to monitor the traffic going to a particular IP address on my network. While it is possible, it’s very cumbersome. Under usage/hosts, I can find the IP address that I’m looking for but it’s at the bottom of the list were a submenu pops up and shows hundreds if not thousands of addresses in a very tiny pop-up window. Is there an easier way to look at these entries that I’m not aware of? Who else you will know


We have two options coming soon that will help with this. We plan to add sorting soon, then search next after that.

Thanks for your feedback and support.

I’ll be very curious to see as well. What I’d really like is a way to monitor all the devices on my network and see the traffic (inbound/outbound). I’ve used cacti & ntop to do some of this in the past but need a better solution. Even if I could install a little monitor tool on my PCs / Mac’s i the house. I’d still have smart devices but it would be a start. Knowing which device is using up all the bandwidth.

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Sorting and search! Sounds like a winning combo to me! :smiley:


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