Multi-user usage

This is a family box, and I cannot be present all the time to inspect the output. It would be better if all user accounts (as distinct from the user in the chair!) had the ability to see what the network is doing (which, most of the time would be nothing, we hope) and the human could then react if something does happen. ("If in doubt, leave it blocked and tell me what broke :slight_smile: ")

I’ve long ago worked out how to get apps to work for all users, but GW seems to need UAC elevation. I’ve hacked all user registries to set “%user%/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run”. However, to get the system working I need to light up in Admin, switch to any other user, then log off Admin. This is a bit… kludgy. Apart from that, it’s looking good.

Can we do multi-user in the program?

I’m looking to use GW in the same way I use Voodooshield, in Default Deny, and “whitelisting” the (relatively) few items that need to send out. I’m not unduly worred about inbound, I’m behind a NAT router. Working this way means the family really doesn’t need to get Computer Science degrees :stuck_out_tongue: After I’ve finished training GW/WF the whitelist should be 99% complete.


Thank you for your feedback. We will investigate multi-user support for the future.

G’day again. How are we travelling with Multi-user?

I’m really looking forward to using GW in conjunction with Voodooshield anti-executable as my primary defense layer, but as long as GW is single-user only it’s pretty well unuseable.

Any user must be able to switch from any account to any other account and keep the display going seamlessly, preferably with local customisation. For example, if I set up a Guest Account, then nothing of any sensitive software can remain visible, but it should continue working “under the hood”; and two of the user accounts can only be given the ability to click “Allow” or “Block” as appropriate, but no access to settings.

Looking forward in hope :smiley:

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We will release our major 2.0 update, then we’ll come back to this. I apologize for the delay.

Cheers Ken. Now that I’ve tried the product, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms without it :slight_smile:


G’day Ken - v2 looks really impressive!!! Can’t wait 'til we have multi-user facilities :sunglasses: and I can buy a copy :star_struck: I think I’ll only need the Pro, I only have a home setup, no servers or stuff like that. This will be perfect to put alongside Voodooshield as realtime protection… When we have multi-user!

Cheers, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year :beers:


You may want to request this here also: Future Feature Requests!