Multiple Ninite Duplicates in Firewall Tab

Everytime I restart My Win 8.1 64bit Computer There will be +1 Ninite in Firewall Tab.
ATM I have 3 Ninite’s in my list. Next restart will be 4 etc…

I noticed they had different path’s
c:\program files (x86)\ninite updater\niniteupdater.exe

How do I avoid a growing Ninite Firewall list?

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If you have multiple Ninite duplicates running in different locations then GlassWire should give you multiple listings under the Firewall and App tabs.

GlassWire should function this way otherwise you will never know the whole story of what is happening on your computer. For example if multiple apps called “Skype” were running simultaneously on your computer and doing strange different things wouldn’t you want to know this? If we just grouped all the activity as “Skype” then I don’t think GlassWire would be nearly as useful.

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I only have Ninite installed in c:\program files (x86)\ninite updater\niniteupdater.exe

The other entry’s no idea where they are from.
The list keeps growing when I restart. ( I think ) Maybe it’s when Ninite updates itself or when it updates an application.

Before I cleared the history I had about 30 ninite’s in the list. That is really annoying.

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We will test with Ninite and see if we can figure out what’s going on. I agree that sounds super annoying!

As a new user I can’t post links. I wanted to show an screenshot of my firewall list.
I’ve added the image on my profile page. If you want an example you can check it there.

Wow, that does look annoying. Maybe a solution to this problem could be to put a + icon next to apps that have more than 2 different locations on the hard drive.

That would be a very good solution. :smile:

I have this issue as well and would love to see a solution, even the one mentioned by @Ken_GlassWire. I know it’s not practical to implement code for a single application but any help or information is appreciated.

P.S. - I plan to buy GlassWire for my not-so-tech-savvy entended family computers later this year. To help with that I’ve sent in a request for ninite to hopefully include GlassWire in their applications list. I use Ninite Pro and would love to easily deploy it out to their boxes without them nagging me about excess alerts for ninite and they end up thinking it’s a virus.

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I will bring this problem up to our team again, thanks for your feedback.