Must Feature: High Contrast Black color scheme aka dark mode


I’m visually impaired and GW’s polar bear in a blizzard (low contrast white) default (and ONLY) color scheme will not work for me. I’ve read about the skins, but their only applying to the graph colors is really a misuse of the term ‘skin’. The term ‘skin’ w.r.t. applications applies to the color scheme for the entire GUI for the application. Due to impaired vision I must use a high contrast black color scheme (ala what is available in Win10 by that same name). Your application should detect what OS GUI color scheme is in effect and tailor itself to match that color scheme as best it can, or at least allow the user to select alternate GUI color schemes (which MUST include ‘dark’ color schemes).

I’d love to buy the Pro version of your product, but I cannot do so until you offer a high contrast black complete GUI color scheme. I look forward to that coming soon. Thanks.



Sorry for the problem. The SDK we use to create our interface has some problems with this but we’re working on a work around.


I’m glad to hear you are working on addressing the issue. I would really like to use (buy) your product, but I can’t do so until the problem is addressed. What is the best way for me to find out when the problem is corrected? Thanks.


Please follow our email list, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


I’m following on Facebook, but since FB sometimes filters posts … Do you have a link for where I can add myself to your email list? I did a cursory look at and didn’t find it. Thanks.



Please enter your email where it says “stay in touch” on this page Thanks!


I just installed 2.0 Beta. This feature is still NOT in the product. That is truly unfortunate. Fail.