My iphone 6s doesnt show up on the list when I log on to our wifi

Not sure why glasswire doesn’t see the phone or data used by the device.

Please reboot your computer and check again. GlassWire requires a reboot to see all devices and all network activity. We include this information at the end of the install process but we don’t force users to reboot.

I rebooted my computer and the Iphone only comes up as a host and not showing up as on the wifi network. Also to test I watched some video on the phone and the amount of data used did not change on the program. I’m sorry if I’m missing something, just downloaded glasswire.

Sorry, I completely misunderstood your question. GlassWire is unable to see the bandwidth generated by devices it is not installed on. We are working on an updated version that can access the router and estimate bandwidth usage with all devices but it’s not finished yet.,