My PC found not all devices


my pc found not all devices, i use GlassWire 1.2.64b Pro

the Program is great i love it. :slight_smile:
under Network

i have

1 PC
1 Smartfone
1 Tablett
1 FritzBox 7490

but only 3 devices are to see
i have cecked the ip adresses, i see my PC Summer not found

Can you help me ?

sorry for my bad english, but i live in Germany



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Thanks for upgrading GlassWire and sorry for the problem.

Did you reboot GlassWire after installing? If not please do so. GlassWire requires a reboot to pick up all connections and we warn about this, but don’t force it.

Also does your router have a “guest” or some other security mode that separates devices? If so GlassWire can’t see these separate devices. Thanks!


yes the FritzBox 7490 hat Guest Netzwork, but it is diabled

Yes i have do a restart, all devieces were found, but my PC Summer not
i habe checked the ip adresses at end Summer has 209 but
is not found.

Note. but is ok the the Software is verry good i love this pretty Software. :slight_smile:

Note 2 i have do a download my internet conection is VDSL 2 50.000

at download with 49.0000 Glaswire says 6.000 what is this ?

Greetings :slight_smile:

Are you asking what VDSL is? I think it’s probably a DSL modem or some type (just guessing)? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for any confusion!