My verizon home fusion usage suddenly spiked over limit

So I installed glasswire, hard to believe all the traffic - how do i understand and cut it down? W7

Click the graph to see in detail what caused the spike, then investigate each app/host listed and you can usually figure it out. You can also go to “apps” under the graph tab to break it down that way. I hope we can help!

Thanks Ken. Seems its my wife’s pc - (we use Verizon home fusion). Usage is showing over 300mb in last 20 hours coming through Chrome (we use chrome browser)…most of it incoming. Then I click on sources (??) and there is a report


What on earth is this? Any suggestions? Thanks

That’s an IPV6 IP address owned by Facebook. They figured out how to put “Face” in the actual IP, kind of funny.

Not just that, but look at the section after: face:b00c

That’s kind of awesome.

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