Naggings and no blocking?


The other day Glasswire started to nag me to upgrade with constant popups.

Aside from this, which is unacceptable, it used to be the case that I would mark an app for blocking and it would be moved up the list with a red flame icon.
Now when I mark an app it pops a nag and when I click on Remind me later, nothing happens: the app remains greyed out.

Does this mean that if I don’t upgrade the free version does not block per my selections?

I am not interested in more than the free version and your instructions say that it should continue to work indefinitely. If that is no longer the case or you don’t stop the nags pls let me know and I willdrop Glasswire.


was wondering same thing


Same. Why remove the click/block funtion for free users? Now it’s just Naggingware.


Buying GlassWire allows us to continue to work on GlassWire and improve the software. You can buy GlassWire here if you enjoy using the software we made.

You are also welcome to continue using GlassWire for free if you prefer, with less features.

Press the “X” at the top right to close the notice inside GlassWire that asks you to upgrade if you have no intention of upgrading.


I recently had this start happening to me, too. I was originally using the free downloaded one which allowed me to use the firewall to disable and remember specific settings.

I was later offered a trial of the upgraded version. I remember seeing “A lot of our free users asked to have a GlassWire trial of our paid features, so we have enabled a 7 day trial that starts on installation of GlassWire. After the trial ends GlassWire’s security features and blocking reverts to its free status (similar to GlassWire 1.0’s free version).” , and interested in the idea of “asking to connect” functionality, so I decided to give it a spin.

I thought the pro version was good, but I wouldn’t really need the extra features enough to warrant a 6 month key, so I decided to discontinue back down to the original features. Doing so, I lost all of the specific firewall settings I set during the free version, along with losing the free firewall functionality all together. This felt like a big “fuck you” for trying the trial offered.

Along with the others, I too am now looking at an advertisement that I don’t remember seeing during the free version. As if forcing me to delete all of my settings wasn’t enough punishment as it was, I see this popup right after minimizing the program.

Without the original basic firewall functionality offered before, there are no features.

I am concerned if this ad will show up often. Will this be an issue for the future on? If so, I would like to know soon, as I too will promptly be uninstalling this program.