Need a new key to re-install paid version?

Hi. Long story short. I just reverted from win 10 back to 8.1. Glasswire was installed after I loaded win 10 and was lost in the revert process. I bought a paid glasswire, not the free version. Can I download it again and use the same code (cleverbridge reference number) that was sent when I bought it to activate the paid components?

background… I bought this (glasswire) because when I switched to win 10 I lost a metered connection usage readout that win 8.1 had (win 10 sucks) I run multiple wifi providers which I need because I live in the friggin sticks in Virginia. One is fast, and very expensive, one is slow and cheap. I use them each for different types of internet needs… I had hoped that glasswire would allow me separate usage details so that I could keep track of it. alas! ******Please, if you’re looking for something to improve, give us a decent readout for separate wifi (or other server) usages! ****** In the end, I got fed up with the way win 10 disconnected me every time Norton called home…and reverted back to 8.1, which I see now has caused everything I added after downloading win 10 to be lost, including glasswire. So that’s the scoop.

Can I just download it again, and use the same key that I was given the first time I downloaded glasswire, so that I can use all of the options? If not, can you send me a new key?


Your code should work with the new OS install after you download GlassWire again from and follow the order email instructions. Please email us your order info so I can help if there are any issues, thanks!

We have had several people lately request the ability to meter certain ISPs differently. We’ll see how we can make this work in the future, thanks for your feedback.

Thanks, very much, for your help. In the end I re-downloaded and used the code in my initial email from glasswire to activate. It worked. Again, thanks!

It would be great, near perfect, to be able to separate out the different ISP usages! I hope that you can provide that at some point…it would make my monitoring so much better. Thanks for your interest in improving this aspect. Best regards,