Need more info on remote connections functionality

I see the Basic package shows “3 remote connections.” I have 3 home computers, generally only 1 is on at a time, but occasionally 2 or all 3 are on. This sounds like I’d install the app on my main PC and would have full app functionality on it, then also be able to connect from it to those other 2 computers to be able to also monitor their connections. Is that how it works?

Hello Mark,

Yes, you can monitor those other computers with full app functionality. Before buying though I recommend you use our free version to connect to one remote computer so you understand how it works first. It can be difficult sometimes to connect if you are behind a router or other type of hardware firewall. We’re working on putting together a web page that has tips on how to connect so it’s not so complicated.

So far I cannot connect to another of my computers for this test. I use a Check Point 620 Appliance router, and Norton Security on both computers. This computer runs Win 8.1 Pro x64, the other is Win 7 Pro x64. I tried to upload a couple of screen shots but this web site wouldn’t let me, saying I’m a new user. Nothing particularly informative about the screen shots though, so no big loss there. Looking at my router logs I don’t see anything looking to be specific to this being logged so far. What ports are needed to connected?

Unfortunately every router is different but we are working on a solution to this problem so it’s much easier to connect GlassWire to other computers and this feature should be out in the next 30-60 days.

Ok. On the Settings, Client, Remote Server screen… Password… is the password for the account on the other Windows PC that is the same name as the account your using on the computer with the app? Meaning if I’m logged onto the app PC with account “Captain”, there should be an account on the target PC as “Captain” as well and that’s that accounts password?

Hi Ken_GlassWire, I have just bought the basic version and I have one remote connection, but I’m not able to see the network connections of my remote computer. It just says: “10 device(s) currently detected on your network. Buy GlassWire to get alerted when new devices join your network along with device details”. Why? I see you earlier wrote “Yes, you can monitor those other computers with full app functionality”.

Please follow these instructions to set up remote monitoring

Sorry if I was unclear. The remote connection is working fine except for the Network tab. I can’t see you have written anything about that in the user guide.

The network tab lists only connected devices on your network, but cannot monitor those devices unless the GlassWire software is installed on them. Sorry for any confusion.

In that case the monitoring would look like this: