Need new features guys


im using glasswire for very long time and the service is satisfactory, currently i use the ultimate version. i have a suggestion. it seem that you guys are putting a lot of effort making glasswire one of the best software out there and i worried that you will reach to a position were financial resources will be a problem to enhance the software due to the high customer demand … i’ve requested several times to have an option to communicate between the PC based version with mobile phone version, Web Access, visual effect and color coding and port sniffing, etc. applying these options will require time, effort and recruitment to expand. for any new/ addition service that is not in the ultimate version make it chargeable for a reasonable price… but try to make the new options visible. fixing bugs is good but providing new features is better … i need to rely on glasswire but i want to make sure it will handle SME environment. most people in these days have servers at their homes , so security is a concern … i require new features … you guys are doing good but not enough to encourage the vast majority of people.

I don’t agree that Glasswire is ‘loosing the vast majority of people’. I for one believe that Glasswire is an excellent product as written and welcome the bug fixes. The developers have done an outstanding job. Extra features can be dealt with in the design of a suite of programs that provide extra functionality.

business wise and for long-term partnership … we (users) depend a lot of things to be done in glasswire software … time is very important … at this time this business strategy is the best as it provide equilibrium

Thanks for your feedback.

For Android, we try to keep the app very light so it uses minimum battery. App users on Android get very upset if the app uses a lot of battery and if we add a remote monitoring feature it’s likely the battery usage will increase a lot. We’ll keep trying though.

First we’ll probably add blocking on Android, then we’ll look at connecting everything together.

I’m looking forward to it

While some one mentioned colors, I’d like to once again request choices something other than the Hello Kitty Sugar Rush candy blend currently bundled. I’m gonna go off the deep end and suggest that some users might even use a skins editor to roll their own. And share on the forum.

And to sound like a broken record, the current GW and another for the monitor and whatever blocking/firewalling/whatever you’re considering.

FYI: Sugar Rush - reference Wreck-It Ralph, Disney Studios.

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We do have the “Orkut & Ellen” theme that’s pretty easy on the eyes, but yes you have a good point. Thanks for your feedback.

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How about the standard red and green?

Glasswire is one of the best product i have used. I don’t think so that it will lose a vast majority of people.