Need to monitor a local router

I have an Arris cable modem, and a Buffalo Airstation off of that. My computer is plugged into the Airstation. This way I can log in to both router control panels. ( &

However, I am only getting info for the Airstation traffic. This is sorta okay because I only provide the Buffalo wifi info to guests, and my husband, the Roku, Tivo, etc is on the Arris. I have no need to monitor or choke his usage. But I would like the ability to identify applications going through the Arris, just so I can manually whitelist (ask to connect) and know we don’t have any strange bots anywhere.

So, I would really like to be able to use the features of GlassWire on the entire network. I assumed (oops! one more time, Sally) that the remote monitoring would work for the Arris. However I haven’t been able to figure out how.

Can this be done? And if so, how?


GlassWire can’t yet interface with the router, but we hope to add that feature in the future. For now you can install GlassWire on multiple PCs and monitor them all remotely from one PC and it looks like this

GlassWire can also tell you when new unknown devices join your network and alert you, but you can’t block them.