Nerdgasm YouTube Review

Yesterday I got the Glasswire January Newsletter with the Nerdgasm post and link. Watched the excellent YouTube video about how to use Glasswire and did learn a few new things that I hadn’t discovered on my own. Helpful!

The review is quite positive and provides great info about using the free version of Glasswire. And he also comments about some of the additional options in the paid version. Most aspects of Glasswire use are covered, but naturally there is still more that could have been discussed. (Such as monitoring app usage during computer idle time – something I do early each day.) One thing that I particularly liked is that in the demo, he showed detail about boring down into the data to get more detail on individual display results. Most of that I had been aware of, but had not tried to actually delve in that far, so it was good to see how and why certain things worked and what is provided.

All in all, a great video review that probably is worth the time for most Glasswire users.


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Thank you Rich. I also just posted an update to our Blog about tips to avoid Malvertising. This article was also mentioned in our newsletter this month.

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Cool and awesome program I have have already installed it after watching the video and I really wanted to buy the full version because this is so necessary in this day and time. but… The price is a bit steep for me! :smile:

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Thanks for your kind words! Our free software never expires and it’s still great for network monitoring both on Android and Windows.

We have a large number of free users who use our apps and we continue to add new features even for free users. For example we recently added free dark mode themes for Android and Windows for free users.

And of course we’re also grateful that we have paid users because it allows us to keep working on and improving GlassWire!