Network Connection Notification Trigger


I haven’t been to the Forums for a while and this question could have been addressed before.
It would be nice to a (number of network connection notification) trigger to configure how many times a specific application or applications makes a connection to the outside or vice-versa.

Let’s say for instance, I have a keylogger on my computer and on its first network connection Glasswire will alert me that this keylogger has started communicating over the network and show me the data flowing, although it will not show me the second time it connects, the third and so on perphaps because when set to “ask to connect” it will only notify the first established connection.

By having notifications of how many times this application “establishes a connection” it could be easier to analyze this specific application behavior and data exchange with the internet.

Also, by having a specific notification trigger on a specific application this process would not become overwhelming if there was a notification for every single application on the computer.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Also, separately from the idea you had, you can also go to GlassWire’s “Usage” or “Graph” screen. Once there you can click the app’s icon and you can see extremely detailed information about what the app is doing in detail along with host info, traffic types, and more.

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