Network issues with latest version : lags / network DC

Hi, I just bought the elite version, and I’m getting all kind of network lags which makes it unusable for me :

  • youtube videos randomly stops and start loading
  • random network lags
  • League of Legends was very laggy, which had never happened to me before
    • during champ select, 10 to 30s lags
    • slow game loading
    • random DC while in game

Tested on two computers with different networks. Both are running Windows 10. My PC at home has a 1Gbps connection so it isn’t the issue

GlassWire reads a similar API as the Windows task manager uses to monitor network activity. Since we use a Windows API it should be technically impossible for GlassWire to cause any network latency or slowdown issues of any kind.

GlassWire has had close to 20 million downloads now and this is not a problem we have seen.

Even with GlassWire’s firewall, we use the Windows Firewall API, and that also should make it impossible for us to cause a slow down. However of course GlassWire can completely block apps.

Is it possible your ISP has an app that is required for your network to work correctly, and is it possible GlassWire blocked this app with its firewall?

If you uninstall GlassWire and reboot does it make any difference? What OS version are you using?

Is your GlassWire firewall switched to “On” or “Off”?

Thanks for your quick response, It was switched on but it appears that it may be because my cable became faulty at the same time. Retrying and I’ll keep it up to date

speedtest seems fine

edit: all is right, sorry for your trouble !