Network Mutiny?

I have a sneaking suspicion Somebody on my home network is gathering info. Glasswire says when I’m at idle another computer is jacking my data! Is this true or am I misinterpreting Glasswire?

Is it your printer, or is it just normal network activity between two PCs on the network for potential file sharing purposes?

My printer is not shared through the network. I don’t commonly share anything on my computer but Glasswire keeps showing another computer under the “alerts” column. A while back I made the mistake of plugging in a flash drive I borrowed from the other computer owner and that’s around when my issues started.

What does the alert say exactly? I want to be sure I understand so I can help properly. Thanks!

First off it says…While you were away 5 apps accessed the network! Then the first column is Host- it has the suspect computer name listed, then in the Apps column it has a symbol with +1 next to it. The alerts always seems to happen between like 12am and 8am about every 15 minutes.

Is anything else on your network using wifi or plugged in to your router? Cell phone, TV, Android TV, etc.

Check for malware. Scan your computer with HitmanPro (Free for 30 days). It can be used along side of your regular antivirus and wont conflict.