Network Tab Error?

My network tab says I have 99-107 devices on my network but I have a single pc hooked directly to my cable modem. What gives?


Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let us know what version you’re using. What are the device types that are connected?

1.27.9 is the version. It doesn’t say what the devices are but I will try to attach a screenshot.

Perhaps you are able to see the devices also connected to the network you’re on somehow due to the way it’s configured.

Well, I’m on a home network plugged straight into my modem; no router, no other devices here in the house.

Could you email us a screenshot?

I meant that maybe the ISP has something configured so you can see the other modems and houses around you using the same network.

If I could figure out how I sure would. When I go to the link in the email nothing opens.

Sorry for the confusion! You have to open a new email in your email client, then type in our email address manually. We should improve that, you’re right.

It won’t take the address in the email. Can you give me an email address here?

Ok, I think I figured it out. Please check your mail.

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We never received the email for some reason. Sorry. You can try sending me a screenshot privately or post it to a third party service.