Network Tab Issues

My assumption is that there will be a major (or at least significant) re-design and GUI change for Network, so I shouldn’t spend a lot of time documenting the many specific issues with the current tab. But I will say that this current Network implementation is seriously flawed. Aside from the visual and problems that I have already reported, my major concern is that Network is not refreshed properly, it does not show all the devices, it shows devices that are currently offline and it even shows devices that do not and have never existed.

Aside from the visual GUI, Network needs to provide an accurate, up-to-date representation of the actual existing network. The refresh interval should be clearly shown or otherwise obvious. Today, Network gets displayed and mostly just sits there unchanged while the actual network has an ever-changing topology.

We currently use a Windows API to show the network changes. For me it works well. Why do you think the devices it shows haven’t and never existed? These devices probably show up in the Windows network settings also and if that’s the case they may be real devices.

At the time I wrote this, there was a device identfied as with no Manuf (not even unknown). I’ve been constantly monitoring my network with Glasswire, Genie and Windows network Since installing Glasswire and I have never seen a device tagged as 69. Today it is gone, so no use chasing shadows.

Overall though, my post is accurate and Glasswire Network is at best very slow to update and often just doesn’t. I use Genie to compare and Genie has always identified every device in my network – some lag time, but I can watch it update.

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll keep improving!

Great software and I definitely want it to improve. Like everyone else, I’m very eager for the next release. Apparently Win10 will be releasing a major update soon, but since it’s reputed to be the same as I have on my test system, I don’t expect that to help with the remote connection issue on that machine. You’re my last hope, Obiw… um, Ken.

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