New features request

  1. Right click functionality over the apps in the firewall tab with
    options like: file properties, check file on VT, delete, allow,

  2. A button in the firewall tab to purge the apps that no longer exist
    in the computer


Great ideas!

  1. If you click the icon of the app you will see a new box with options there, just in case you missed this.

  2. Instead of removing the apps completely we move them to “inactive apps” at the bottom of the firewall list after a certain amount of time.

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  1. I saw it but I still miss many options.
    Maybe you can take some ideas from process hacker

  2. Ok, I will see how it works anyway I would like to have the purge option since over the time if you install or uninstall many apps the list can grow and be full of useless (IMO) information.

Deleting app from list is a must have, its privacy isue before all…

Ken, will you be adding purge/delete app option, it is a must have after a few motnhs of use…? Also, each version of app is present, it is silly not to be able to delete it.


Since the app list under the “Firewall” tab is controlled by Windows Firewall it’s not easy for us to delete it without causing problems with the Firewall. You can do a full uninstall of GlassWire to solve it though.