New Plans? My $40 basic plan was switched to free

I subscribed to Glasswire Basic for $40 when I got it two months ago but now it says I’m on a free plan and the Premium plan is $24 a year. What’s the story on that? I’ve already paid $40 for a year. There doesn’t seem to be an email for this particular issue and I don’t want to trouble the wrong team. Thanks for any help.

Hi @CJ-2.0,

Sorry for any confusion.

You are still able to active your Basic subscription on GlassWire 3.0.

Please see this article about legacy Vs new paid subscriptions: Premium vs Legacy License


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Does the new premium plan have all the features for $16 less than the basic which has limited features or is $24 the additional price to upgrade from basic legacy to premium?

Hi @CJ-2.0

Yes, our new licenses are priced differently and are purchased as a Plan. The Personal Plan has 1 Premium license and is $24. There are special offers on all other Plans which contain more Premium licenses.