New screen/new function


I propose to add a new screen to GW that offers an instantaneous view of the internet I/O more network oriented but with a GW style interface.

I warn that I am not a network specialist.

When looking at the different screens of GW I have the impression that GW has the necessary data; maybe I’m wrong. I have no idea how complex it is to perform this function.

I find this type of screen interesting. I made some screenshots in order to have some examples:

1 : the ergonomics is outdated and there are several lines for the same couple (program, PID) which does not clarify the follow-up of the internet I/O

2 : the information given is clear; I don’t know if the state is really useful (at my level of knowledge no)

3 : the information given is clear; the volume of data exchanged is interesting


Very interesting! Thanks for your feedback on this alternative view idea for our network monitoring. I will share the concept with our team.