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Hi Forum! How are you guys? First of all sorry if my English are so and so sometimes. I am not a native speaker.

A few days ago I found 2 software installed in my pc that I had no idea how it was there.
First one was web companion and second was radmin viewer. Ok web companion I suppose I installed it by mistake when I installed utorrent to dnl my favorite tv show. But radmin viewer? Really? How?

So… I was scared and then I found glasswire and I kinda like it so far. Well 85% of what I see on my screen I don’t get it yet but yeah it is still nice. I am on trial still and have some questions.

  1. Firewall tab
    Let’s say that a software gets in my computer without me knowing it. Lets call the executable “stupidsoft.exe”. When I am on firewall tab in real time I can see the stupidsoft.exe doing stuff.
    a. Do I just block it and its done? and noone with possible remote access can use it against me?
    b. If my eyes are not on the screen, stupidsoft moves some data and then shuts down; does it remain on the firewall tab or does it go away? If it goes away; then what do I do to block it? and then do I discover that the stupidsoft has moved some of my data in the usage tab?

  2. Usage tab
    Can someone really quickly explain the four columns. I mean how can local be outgoing / incoming? it’s local!!!

  3. Remote server and more
    How I can register my mobile there? It has an IP I can see in on my wnetwatcher app. But how do we do it?

  4. Network tab
    Does this record all devices connected to my network?

Thank you in advance everyone!!

Welcome to GlassWire! Your English is great.

  1. A. If it was me, I’d probably reinstall Windows if I found something like this just to be safe…
    B. I’m not sure I understand, but any network connections you make should appear in GlassWire.

  2. Your PC can send incoming/outgoing data locally. For example if you are downloading a file locally the data is incoming, and if you’re uploading it’s outgoing.

  3. Our remote monitoring feature does not work with mobile yet.

  4. It should show the devices, but it does not show their network activity.

More details are here:

Remote Monitoring
Usage Tab
Firewall Tab

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