New to GW setting up!

Ok … So I’m needing / wanting to track the total data transmitted out / in from my ISP. I’m not caring about local ( internal traffic ) data.

It looks like GW is the tool I might need and if it is and I can get it figured out … More than willing to purchase full product. So to begin.

First … I’m not a total nooob to computers / networking / programming. In other words I have some knowledge and ability others might say I’m a jack of all trades a master at none.

  1. This is my router: Linksys WRT 3200ACM

  2. My laptop is running Windows 10 home.

  3. My network contains a NAS, Roku, Wifi Blu Ray, Multiple tablets, multiple phones etc ( more than I want to have to “PUT” a tracking software on and more OS’s than I know )

I need to track data usage as my ISP gives me a data cap and charges, IMO, exorbitant fees for going over. I’m also on a trial plan with larger data caps atm and will need to determine if I can go to another plan with lower caps and still protect my pocketbook.

So I’ve installed GW on this laptop and have it running.

  1. What happens when my computer goes to sleep / hibernate. Currently I let my laptop hibernate ( which I prefer but can change if need to )
  2. So on the USAGE tab it has 2 columns labeled Apps and Hosts
    a. On the APP’s column I’m seeing program names so that’s fairly ok ( atm not
    interested in what app is using the internet.
    b. The Host’s column has just a crap load of stuff. But I can find local IP numbers in the list. I’m assuming that the “HOST’s” data for IP’s that aren’t local are logging data coming into my router / system ( router is the hope here too )

Ok well I’ve just seen a link that states that GW can only “TRACK” data in/out of devices it’s installed on? Can it be confirmed that GW does not track data in/out of router to ISP from all devices on the internal network.



Thanks for trying GlassWire. Unfortunately GlassWire cannot track your entire network because that would mean it would need to interface with your router.

However many people world-wide use GlassWire to stay under their ISP and mobile data limits. The reason people use GlassWire to stay under their data limits is because in most cases PCs are responsible for data overages and GlassWire can show you in detail what apps/hosts are responsible for using your data. You can then block those apps with our firewall, or just uninstall them.

We also have an Android app that also focuses on data usage, and can show data usage for WiFi and mobile.

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Thank you for getting back to me.
Unfortunately, installing software on each machine and then aggregating reports, is not the solution that I’m looking for. I’m relatively fluent in technology but have multiple platforms that are allowed. Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux, but I do have my limits.



Yes, GlassWire is more of an endpoint monitor to give details on what exactly is using bandwidth per-machine or device. It sounds like you need a full network monitoring system. I would recommend buying something that does this at the router level.

If you do find a particular device is using all your data and you have no idea why I hope you’ll install GlassWire there. You can then see exactly what app is responsible for wasting your data, while a full network monitor can only show you what device is responsible.