New Unknown Device MAC Chk Didn't Work

I have the paid version and most of my devices have some sort of I.D. or label that I gave them. A new device joined the network recently and my wife and I can’t figure out what it is. We have a ton of devices using the Wi-Fi (remote controls, sound sys, t-stat, sorinklers, etc, etc), so changing the Wi-Fi pswds would be a nightmare!
The MAC address is: AB.B8.6E.8C.52.68
which does not come up with a vendor in the lookups that I checked. Is there anything else that I can do to try to I.D. this device?
No way to block it w/o changing router and extender passwords, I assume…


We use a database that can usually detect the type of device accurately. If you want to message me a screenshot or email it to us I will see if I can figure it out for you.


If all else fails and you cannot determine who or what is accessing your system, most routers have an option to block listed devices by MAC address or alternately allow only listed devices by MAC address. If only a small number of devices need to be blocked then block by MAC address, those not listed will not be blocked. Alternately if you have only a limited number of users or contacting devices allow individual devices by MAC address all others will be blocked. I have seen this on ASUS and Linksys routers. This works for me, but I have been read this is not a foolproof way to enable or block devices, but I have not looked for info to all the ins and outs involved.

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