New user on Glasswire, How to react with strange flown?

Hi all,

I’m a new user of Glasswire since W10 is a f…g spyware !
And I’m very happy of this software.

But I don’t know how to react if I see some wierd activity.
For example, I frequently see the Windows services Host wich send datas to “” !

What is that ? How can I know which services exactly send that, and how can I know if this is a trustable behavior ?

Many thanks to your help :smile:

It’s not always easy to determine if you have malware or adware on your PC, but hopefully this guide will help.

Dear Ken,

Many thanks for your answer.

I don’t have virus or any spyware, as I frequently check my computer with malwarebyte, with adwcleaner and with rogue killer.
I also check it with spybot and my avira antivirus.

I use to clean all pc from my family, I’m an “expert” of computer cleaning :smile:
But i’m not expert with banthwith and Windows services monitoring …

Then, I think it’s W10 who is doing and sending something, but with this Hosts Windows services processus, it’s a little bit black and hidden … I don’t know how to figure out who and what is doing that, and why ?

Sorry for my poor english, it’s not my mother language :frowning:

Hi again Ken,

I’ve figured out what was this server !!

In fact it’s my DNS server, I use OpenNIC DNS servers (
Each time I go to a website, each time the Windows host service use the DNS server. Which ios logical in fact. = =

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