New Version 1.2.100

Every time, there is a upgrade … I perform the update… but it never work… it’ just hose’s glaswire up big time, so I am force to un-install the old version and install the new version … then I relize , i have to re-active glasswire again , the service works and it running , but when I boot glasswire does not start with windows., I have check the box a million times, each time glaswire will not start with windows, the check box is empty., I have to double click on the icon to start glasswire… every time , there is a update, it just hoses my last install and it takes days to get everything back, the data is there, when I double click glaswire when the boot process is done, it , just won’t start when windows starts

Please try installing our latest version with the “clean” install option. Perhaps something was corrupted and it causes this problem. The clean version should clear it out with all new files.

I did that , the service is running


Is GlassWire working now, or are you saying the service is running but GlassWire is still not functioning? Sorry for any confusion.

the service was always working., but when i start my computer systray was not starting , the service was started and collecting data, but the “run on startup” would not stay checked ., but it’s fixed now., i use a third party un-installer to remove glasswire not your un-installer ., when i used your un-installer , everything came back., now glasswire start on my systray like it should ., i did not need to re-activate either.

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