New version availability?

How can I tell when there is a new GW version available without having to go to the website and manually checking the Download link? Is there a faster way to check for updates, preferably from within the GUI? Thank you. dfg


GlassWire will alert you when new versions are available eventually, but we don’t always do it immediately when a new version is released. We wait awhile just in case our customers report a problem we missed so we don’t ask everyone to upgrade to a new version with a known bug.


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@Ken_GlassWire, I’d personally love to see a “Check for Updates…” menu option, or button on the About like Firefox has.


I have version 2.084, any updates?


You can see the current version here under the download button.

2.0.91 is the current version, so yes, there is an update for you. Download GlassWire then install it over your previous version. Thanks!

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