Newbie but Not - Firewall Site?

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I don’t think this is necessarily true. We’re a small company with a relatively small user base. We follow a strict set of rules for user privacy

We could put advertisements in our Windows or Android apps and make more money, but we made GlassWire to help people protect their privacy, not to track them with ads or trackers.

Our company is not very large so I think if we were forced to add some kind of weird code to our software we’d just all go do something else with our time. I can say without a doubt that I would not work on this anymore if we were forced to add some kind of weird code to our app.

Also I don’t know why the government would force code into a network monitor or software firewall when they can track everything you do upstream anyway. Especially since we don’t have a huge amount of market share compared to major antivirus providers.

To answer your question about discussing other firewalls: I guess you can discuss other things here but this forum is focused on GlassWire support and Internet Security in general so I think it’s likely nobody will respond to your post.

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