Newbie need help

I just got the pro version. What I am hoping to do is understand my total network online output on 3 PCs one mac and two or three firesticks and 4 cell phones all iphones My Cox cable provider is now metered. They claim I am using according to their numbers about 60 GB per day.

What do I do to set up Glasswire on my network to monitor these totals. I see the totals but it appears to me since all the apps are on my main computer that my network download numbers are relating only to one PC and not the rest of the network. Am I wrong here? I will be setting up the remotes but is there a place where I get my total bandwith for all devices.

Please let me know.

GlassWire lists all your devices under “Things” and can let you know when new unknown devices join your network.

However GlassWire can only show you data usage from the devices it’s installed on. We can see your Windows PCs and Android phone data usage since we have apps for those devices, but we don’t have apps yet for Mac and your Fire Sticks, etc…

However, usually PCs are usually to blame for data overages and GlassWire can keep tabs on those devices. Our Android app is here Thank you.

I never got to install my activation code on my other computers. Where can I find the code I need to activate?


Please email the “activation” email on this page so I can help you.