Newish Purchase and Frustration with Glasswire

I bought Glasswire based on recommendations by people and I have been mostly happy with it. However, I am having issues with a few things that are driving me crazy.

1). Unable to sort columns. Ie: Data upload, download, app name, host, etc. This is really frustrating.

2). Likewise when you click Usage tab, and then on an app like Host process, it never says anything but svchost. This is likewise frustrating, as I have no idea WHICH service(s) are being used…

2). So today I come home and it’s like… “when you were away…” and near a gb of data downloaded. Glasswire ‘helpfully’ tells me that it’s a “host process for Windows Services”. Great! But that’s it. So I cannot figure out which service/software made the connection and downloaded a gig of stuff. I can guess, but I shouldn’t have to. Isn’t this what glasswire is supposed to help us with? ARGH!!

3). A program I use, has been whitelisted in Glasswire. However, it doesn’t get respected as such. I have to disable the firewall and re-enable it to allow the program it’s initial connection. -_-

I mean, I like this program and it’s useful in some ways, but seems to be behind the curve in some areas.
Any constructive help, advice, comments, are welcome. Thanks

First of all thanks so much for buying GlassWire!

  1. We will discuss this internally and see what we can do. Good point.

  2. This may be a technical limitation with Windows, but I’ll discuss with the dev team and see if we can dive in deeper somehow. I also feel frustrated with this. You can however look and see what the host was and that can give you more information about why this big data transfer happened.

  3. Are you talking about Ask to connect mode? If so we had a previous version with a bug. Please uninstall GlassWire, then go to the ProgramData folder and delete the GlassWire folder (you may lose graph data, sorry) then reboot, then reinstall our latest version.

Thanks for your feedback. It really helps us improve when we see what users are frustrated with.

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T-thank you! :smile:

First would be greatly appreciated
Second, that would likewise be appreciated. Thank you for the tip.
Third, I will re-install. graph data is nice, but, functionality is more important :smiley: